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Friday, April 8, 2011

...when i feel dissappointed...

i dont know how to do ,,
when someone i love ,,
getting away with me..

i love u,, but why ..??
what can i do ..??
whether one ,, i want you to be safe ,,
with somebody can take care pf you ..??

emm .. maybe ,,appew yg aku wt tuh slh sgt agknye,,
or xpown mncmpuri urusan kamoo..
im so sorry !!
i cant see you often sad..
it make me sad..

better,, aku diam jek kowt..
t ag byk mende wt die sakit ati..
tp ,, xpewla ..
moga kaw bhagia nan die .. kawan ku..
law da itu plhn kamoo ...

maap kan aku skali lagi law aku adew wt silap..

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